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Annual Charity

2019 Charity

For 2019 the committee has chosen to support The Archie Foundation

More information to follow in due course.

2018 Charity

For 2018 the committee had chosen to support MHA, Mental Health Aberdeen.

Mental Health Aberdeen is a charity, local to Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire providing support services, counselling and advice to adults, young people and children affected by challenges related to mental health and wellbeing.

Mental Health Aberdeen is a charity, local to Aberdeen City and Shire, who provide counselling and information to adults, young people and children affected by challenges related to their mental health and wellbeing; raise awareness and campaign on mental health issues, and deliver mental health workshops.  Formed in 1950, it is one of the oldest charities working with people experiencing mental health issues.


Mental Health Aberdeen offer mainly person-centred therapy.  During times of crisis, distress or any particularly difficult period in a person’s life, counselling can help explore matters which may be causing concern or anxiety in a safe environment without being judged.  All of our counsellors are fully trained and recognised by Scotland’s professional body for counselling and psychotherapy, COSCA.   


The importance of positive mental health and emotional wellbeing are becoming more widely recognised and accepted.  Crucially, and vitally importantly, mental health issues are beginning to be talked about more openly – something which needs to be encouraged and continue to happen.

Statistically, one in three people in Scotland will experience mental ill-health at some point in their lives.  It’s during these times Mental Health Aberdeen can offer vital help and assist people work towards recovery.





Mental Health Aberdeen’s services are:


ACIS – Aberdeen Counselling and Information Service – established 1987

Located in Aberdeen City Centre offering counselling to adults and information

Contact us on 01224 573892 or email


ACIS Youth – established 2008

Located in Aberdeen City Centre at the Community Hub and embedded in schools

Contact us on 01224 573892 or email


One to One Counselling Service Deeside – established 1998

Located in Aboyne with outreach in Banchory with limited sessions at the Social Work offices during evening hours

Contact us on 013398 86700 or email



Mental Health Aberdeen, 1 Alford Place, Aberdeen, AB10 1YD

Contact us on 01224 590510 or email           




2017 Charity

This year the committee has decided to support
Friends of Anchor. 

This year, Friends of ANCHOR is celebrating 20 years of providing support to cancer and haematology patients throughout the North-east of Scotland.


Our milestone anniversary project for the 'Dream Big Campaign' will see the placement of 20 large anchor sculptures around Aberdeen city and shire and as far afield as Moray, Orkney and Shetland, which all fall within the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary’s ANCHOR Unit catchment area

2016 Charity

This year the committee has decided to support
Aberdeen Mountain Rescue Team

AMRT is based in Westhill, in the North East of Scotland.
We provide a volunteer rescue service for walkers, climbers and others who enjoy
outdoor activities in the Cairngorms, and the hills of lower Donside and Deeside.

You can find out more about the work of the charity at

2015 Charity

For 2015 the committee decided to support
South West Aberdeenshire Citizens Advice Bureau (SWACAB)
for whom we raised £5,500.

SWACAB is one of over 60 bureaux in Scotland, all of which are independent local charities. All bureaux are also members of Citizens Advice Scotland which, through regular auditing, ensures that all bureaux maintain high standards of governance, operational management and, most importantly, quality of advice.

The bureau deals with an extremely wide range is issues for its clients, grouped under the following headings:
Welfare Benefits, Debt,Legal, Employment, Relationships, Financial Products and Services, Consumer Goods and Services, Housing, Tax, Utilities and Communication, Health and Community Care, Travel transport and Holidays, Immigration, Asylum and Nation, Education and NHS Concern and Complaints.

In addition to all the advice given by the Generalist Advisers the Bureau now also employs specialist advisers for Welfare BenefitsWelfare Benefits, Debt, Energy, the Money Advice Service and Pensions Guidance.

Formed in 2007, the bureau completed its 8th year of operation at the end of March. During that time it has acheived remarkable growth, averaging over 200% a year. In 2114/15 it dealt with over 16,700 issues/actions and acheived client financial gain of over £1,700,000 - money which can be spent in the community. The main bureau office is in Westhill with 7 Outreach centres spread throughout the area.

You can find out more about the work of the charity at

2014 Charity

For 2014 the committee decided to support the very worthy charity
ALEC (Aberdeenshire Life Education Centres)
for whom we raised £8,250

ALEC is part of CLE (Coram Life Education), an international health education charity working in partnership with schools, parents, businesses and the wider community to provide Healthy Life Choice Education, including drug education, to all nursery and primary children in Aberdeenshire.
The programmes supplement and complement the work ongoing in primary schools.
ALEC forms an integral part of the Health and Wellbeing provision in Aberdeenshire schools and is closely aligned to the four capacities of A Curriculum for Excellence.

You can find out more about the work of the charity at
and at

2013 Charity

The 2013 charity was Help for Heroes for whom we raised over £6,000

Help for Heroes provides direct, practical support to wounded, injured and sick Service personnel,
veterans, and their families. This is provided through grants to individuals and other Service
charities, capital build projects and support for life at their four Recovery Centres across the UK.

Help for Heroes' 5 Key Messages . . . . ..


  • It's about 'the blokes' - Those men and women of our Armed Forces who have been wounded in the
  • service of our country.
  • H4H provides direct, practical support for our wounded - We fund projects and initiatives that make
  • a real difference to the lives of our wounded heroes.
  • We do not seek to criticise or be political - We just want to help and we work closely with the Army,
  • Navy and RAF to provide support where it is most needed.
  • Money in, money out - We pride ourselves on our 'Money In and Money Out' policy that ensures that
  • every penny you raise is spent or allocated to the direct, practical support of our men
  • and women of the Armed Forces whose lives are affected in the line of duty.
  • It is about doing your bit, no matter how big or small - Every fundraiser is special to us and can make
  • a real difference, so please keep going!

Your can find out more about the work of the charity at

2012 Charity

The 2012 charity was Alzheimer Scotland for whom we raised £5000

Making sure no-one goes through dementia on their own

Alzheimer Scotland helps people with dementia, their carers and families.
Their members include carers, relatives, people with dementia, professionals, groups and organisations
  • Alzheimer Scotland local services generally include:

- day centres providing the chance to socialise, enjoy activities

and outings, and giving carers a break

- home support services providing company and help to maintain skills and

independence at home, while the carer is free to go out

  • - drop-in centres where people with dementia and carers can socialise

- support groups for carers and for people with dementia

- carer education helping carers learn more about the illness and how to cope

- one-to-one support

- welfare rights service

- information and advice on a wide range of dementia related subjects

2011 Charity

The 2011 charity was "Friends of ANCHOR" for whom we raised £6,100

Friends of Anchor is a registered charity formed in 1997 to raise money on behalf of the ANCHOR

whose support area extends throughout the North East of Scotland Including Orkney and Shetland.

The Aberdeen and North Centre for Haematology,Oncology and Radiotherapy [ANCHOR] unit is a fully funded NHS Department at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary which brings together experts and specialist nursing support to coordinate the care of patients with all forms of cancer, lukemia and benign blood disorders such as haemophilia.

Friends of Anchor's mission statement is:

to fund the purchase of non-NHS-provided equipment for Aberdeen Royal Infirmary's ANCHOR unit,

to provide additional care, comfort and support for patients attending the unit and to fund related research projects at the University of Aberdeen Institute of Medical Science.

We were again very pleased to be working in conjunction with our main Sponsor, the Balmoral Group, to raise money for this very worthwhile local charity


2010 Charity


In 2010 our charity was Fighting for Sight, a scottish charity based at the Eye Unit at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary which supports Clinical research and care of patients with ocular problems in Grampian.

With the help of our main Sponsor, the Balmoral Group, and other corporate sponsors, we were able to raise £5000 for Fighting for Sight

2009 Charity

In 2009 0ur Charity was RNLI Aberdeen and we raised £2400 for them.
The Ladies of the Breakthrough cancer Charity also came along and helped at our Annual Gathering and raised over £200 for their charity by selling Teas and Cakes